The First Model Of MB&F For Women – MB&F LM Flying T Replica Watches With Three-Dimensional Dials

MB&F released its first model that especially designed for women this year. Unlike the old sci-fi mechanical style, this perfect MB&F fake watch present the salute to women’s flexible spirit with the elegant but oversized tourbillon and unique three-dimensional dial.

The hour and minute dial will always face the wears.

38.5 MM MB&F Imitation Watch

Why does this innovative watch brand begin to create the female watch?

It is really a love story! The founder of MB&F, Maximilian Büsser designed this knockoff watch with diamonds paved case for his wife. So all the details of this timepiece have been attached importance to. For example, the three-dimensional dial at 7 o’clock faces the wearers all the time, allowing the wearers to read the time clearly and conveniently.

The timepiece is created by the founder of the watch brand especially for his wife.

Black Dial Replica MB&F

The wristwatch features a 38.5 mm case which is very small and exquisite to the watch brand. But for other watch brands, it is large. The rose gold rotor has been specifically designed in the shape of the sun, symbolizing the power of “life-giving” of women. So it is also a best present for your mother.

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