The Hublot Big Bang Integral Blue Ceramic shows the evolution of the sports watches

The domination of blue-dialled steel sports replica watches for men has been slowly diminishing in the public eye lately, as waves of innovation are beginning to overtake the appeal of what’s familiar. Bronze cases, green dials — these trends aren’t just popular because they look fantastic, but because they’re refreshing. The Swiss fake Hublot Big Bang Integral in deep blue ceramic is a similar breath of fresh air, replacing steel entirely, and almost negating the need for a dial at all.

The case
Best fake Hublot’s ability to craft gorgeous ceramic colours without compromising the stability of the material is one of their greatest achievements, creating something that looks fun, sporty, but can still take a beating and emerge scratch-free. This shade of ultramarine blue, shifting in the light between a dark navy and a playful periwinkle, is a natural match for the inky sheen of ceramic. The perfect replica Hublot Big Bang shape is now quite well established, but the architecture of the Integral is no less impressive. The wide chamfered edges break up the brushed flat surfaces, adding some wonderful dynamics to even a straight-on view, and it only gets better as the watch is rolled around to different angles.

The dial
Although the 1:1 replica Hublot Big Bang Integral barely has a dial to speak of, the face of this super clone watch online is certainly a handsome one to look at. The blue ceramic surroundings perfectly matching the blue-covered components on the inside makes the brushed metal parts look suspended, and also helps the hands to be legible among the mass of other parts. The dashes of red printing on the seconds hand, chapter ring, and on the minutes register subdial give the best quality fake watches a bit of extra character, as well as preventing the complex dial from having too many bright elements.
The layout is enticing, with the column-wheel visible at 6 o’clock, running seconds at 9, and the chronograph’s 60 minute register at 3 o’clock. The date wheel, visible along the entire perimeter of the dial, is highlighted at 3 o’clock also by a cutout within a small smoky sapphire disk. A second creative use of sapphire is the AAA quality copy Hublot logo, printed on the underside of the crystal so that it’s never obscured by moving hands.

The movement
In-house automatic flyback chronographs aren’t so easy to come by outside of high quality replica Hublot, which is what makes the UNICO 2 movement so unique in the modern market. After engaging the top pusher with the satisfying click only a column-wheel chronograph can give you, pressing the lower pusher will instantly fling the seconds hand back to the starting position to begin again for precise and quick measurements. The skeletonised winding rotor, visible from the caseback, keeps the top Swiss replica Hublot topped up for its 72 hours of power reserve, beating away at 28,800 vibrations per hour. At 1.3mm thinner than the previous UNICO movement, this edition keeps the luxury copy Hublot Big Bang Integral at a respectful 13.45mm thick, easing the bulk of the watch.

Being the rebels that cheap fake Hublot are, you won’t find an exorbitant amount of ornate decoration behind the sapphire caseback. The components are finished precisely, but without any of the bells and whistles which distract from the total dedication to utility. The Hublot replica for sale brushed and blasted finishes of the components serves to place more focus on the parts that count, such as the oscillating balance wheel. Another benefit is visible on the dial, where the front-facing plates of the movement have been painted blue to match the case.
The verdict
The Swiss made replica Hublot Big Bang Integral in blue ceramic is priced at $32,200AUD, which is of course a lot of money. But, if you go hunting for an all-ceramic automatic flyback chronograph, you may find yourself quickly out of options. The price is indicative of the quality and uniqueness of the Swiss made fake Hublot, which carries itself as a true luxury contender amongst much loftier giants.

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