The New Best Quality Replica TAG Heuer Night Diver Is The Sleeper Hit Of The Year

Almost lost to time is a certain Heuer quartz diver – the Diver Professional – on the wrist of one Timothy Dalton in 1987’s The Living Daylights. Once you know to look for it, it’s actually quite hard to miss. That’s because, unlike other perfect replica watches worn by M’s best agent, it featured a fully PVD-coated aesthetic (bracelet included) and a bright white dial. The surface of that dial was completely coated in luminescent material – which comes in handy for the dead daylights. I’ll be here all week.

Earlier this month, best 1:1 replica TAG Heuer took this b-side Bond watch and revived it with the new Aquaracer Night Diver. It slots nicely into the brand’s recently refreshed Aquaracer line, which debuted early this year. TAG and all-things-Heuer expert Jeff Stein went so far as to call the titanium green cheap copy TAG Heuer Aquaracer the watch of the summer.

Since it’s Great Outdoors Week here at our online store, we thought this was the perfect time to go Hands-On with this no-nonsense tool watch. In fact, so as not to bury the lede, I think this might be the most surprising watch – not just of the summer – but of the whole year.

The AAA fake TAG Heuer Night Diver caught me off-guard in more ways than one. I was definitely the kind of person who found a fully lumed dial to be more schtick than substance – like a horological party trick for kids. So I came to this watch with tempered expectations. The ’80s Heuer Night Diver watches had dials that looked radioactive in daylight conditions. When this new Swiss made repica watches were announced in August, I know that TAG said the dial was white, but I was fully prepared to see that hint of Nickelodeon slime green screaming out from below.

I was wrong. In daylight, this dial is so white that it could take a run at the Rolex polar dial moniker. In reality, TAG calls this an opaline white and the contrast of the black applied markers against the dial surface make for a very legible timepiece.

The dial itself, just like the other TAG Heuer Aquaracer fake for men releases this year, has a grooved pattern. Immediately, I’m reminded of the ceramic laser-engraved wave pattern dials from Omega, but on this watch the effect is much more subdued. Dial text is fairly balanced here, as well – only giving you what you need: The high quality replica TAG Heuer branding, with the Aquaracer moniker beneath twelve o’clock, and the Automatic designation and depth rating above six o’clock.

It’s around that six o’clock real estate where we run into one of those 4:30 date window-type problems. That, of course, would be the magnified six o’clock date window. There’s no missing this massive cyclops feature at the bottom of the dial. Placement-wise, the date is – again – similar to modern Seamasters, but separates itself by way of the magnification. I’ll tell you that it honestly didn’t bother me. In terms of ethos and execution, the idea of this luxury super clone TAG Heuer seems firmly rooted in legibility. What’s more legible than a large date aperture with extra magnification?

The dial is framed by a black chapter ring which creates a neat infinity effect where the grooved lines feed into the flange and then disappear. Everything under the crystal is a real masterclass in monochromatic contrast. You don’t often see all-black markers on a watch dial – especially applied markers, but they help create a nice balance between the white and black tones.

One of the best parts about this top replica TAG Heuer is also the most unheralded, and least-covered – the bezel insert. Inside the dodecagonal unidirectional bezel (with smooth and satisfying click action) is a fully matte ceramic insert. This shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is. Ceramic bezels are functionally great, but they are often shiny, and make what should be a tool watch feel flashy and overly formal.

The matte ceramic bezel insert on the Swiss movement fake TAG Heuer Aquaracer Night Diver blends in, not calling any unneeded attention to itself. It’s one with the watch and fits with the brushed design of the DLC coated stainless steel case. I found the almost entirely matte look and feel of the case and bezel to be the watch’s strongest design point – and one you can only truly appreciate in the metal.

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