Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Replica Watches For Men Online

Every now and then, a watch firm gets something bang-on right. It manages that tricky job of balancing looks, movement, functionality and price. That’s exactly what fake Tudor have done with their M79360N-0002, or the white-faced Tudor Black Bay Chrono copy for sale to its pals. When it comes to new watches, it’s not often I’m tempted to reach for my wallet (I’m that tightwad who prefers his secondhands secondhand), but this is an exception.

The steel case copy Tudor Black Bay Chrono just looks right. All the proportions are there – 41mm case, dial, sundials, hands, those lovely screw-down pushers even. The movement of luxury replica watches is the result of Tudor’s collaboration with Breitling, the MT5813. It’s a chrono, so it’s actually useful? And that red (RED!) writing on the dial says it’s 200m water-resistant, so the usual fears about getting a chrono damp are banished. And it’s (over here in Blighty, anyway, a gnat’s whisker under £4,000). I’m seriously, seriously tempted.

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