Vintage Watches: A 1980s Best Quality Fake TAG Heuer 1000 Series Professional

Where most weeks we prefer to offer a wide range of vintage luxury replica watches online – reaching all the way back to the 1930s at times – to go along with this week’s theme, every watch listed this go-around is from the decade du jour. The 1980s offer a really interesting intersection within the watch world. Many classic models, like the Omega Speedmaster and Rolex GMT-Master, are found in a transitional phase – one foot in pure vintage and another stepping forward toward a more modern feel, with solid-link bracelets and upgraded movements. In a different vertical, brands like Seiko and cheap TAG Heuer replica were innovating a whole new kind of watch, a quartz-powered one, and exploring the possibilities of this uncharted territory. Check out all the 1980s gems in the vintage watch section of the our shop, and read on for a few deeper stories on our personal favorites of the bunch.

1980s 1000 Series Professional Swiss Movement Fake TAG Heuer Monaco Ref. 980.029N
The fake TAG Heuer 1000 Professional Series was one of the most popular sport watch designs from this awesome period. Combined with the decade being all about extravagance and flair with an abundance of gold and two-tone watches, TAG Heuer went completely out of the box – away from a conventional dive watch design – and delivered an unorthodox product in black-PVD and gold-plated finishes. The black and gold color combination is snazzy, and it may seem counterintuitive at first, but that’s what makes this watch fantastic. It’s one of those high quality fake TAG Heuer watches you’re not sure of in the beginning, but you get more curious as you stare at it, and once it’s on your wrist, you’re thinking, “Hmmm…I’m starting to really like this watch.”
Also, black-PVD and gold-plating are often subject to noticeable wear, but the two different finishes on this watch and bracelet remain in crisp condition, making this example a strong contender for current wear. True to form for the ’80s, it’s fitted with a quartz movement, which was actually a positive attribute for the time and part of what made this black leather strap TAG Heuer replica watch so popular when it was released. It helped minimize overuse of the crown, which could lead to water seeping inside the case with a mechanical movement. Topped with a black dial, gold accents, and softly aged lume, this is a true ’80s vintage, baby! Head on over to the Shop to check it out in its full ’80s glory.

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